Reggae Video’s

We bring you some of the Artists Videos that are featured on the Station for you to check out
Miss Melody began singing at the age of 12 but knew that her dream was in music long before that. At 14 she began working with vocal trainers and artist developers while at Reality Bytes which was a youth performing arts organisation in London founded by Peaches Cadogan.
Eric Smith & Mighty Roots is indeed One of the Most talented, riveting, Hard hitting Reggae band. Since Bob Marley & Peter Tosh had passed. Reggae Music has lost its focus on the issues of the poor masses, and giving a voice to struggle and hope by spreading the message.
Born Girma “Jahleel” Davis in Kingston, Jamaica, he is musically known as Kazam Davis. A humble Rastafarian father and husband, hailing from the Twelve Tribes of Israel, Kazam has a promising music career which was nurtured throughout his youthful years. He often recalls singing for family and friends and later taught himself to play the guitar.
Lyrical content with a difference.’ Born Chevol Grant, Singer/ songwriter Indecka has been “edutaining” and uplifting individuals through his vibrant, conscious yet witty songs and performances for over a decade, displaying his versatility with outstanding and captivating performances and songs on both reggae and dancehall beats.
Bobby Crystal's tune "don't watch it"
Alex Marley with Let it grow!
Brilli is a top rising artist from Jamaica, who is gaining popularity quickly, both at home and abroad.
FYA with Corrupt!

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