Welcome to the new DreamCanvas Radio and Media Site

Our mission has always been with the same goal in mind that is to connect people globally through music with this great free media. We try to bring you music from all around the world! We first started with the online address http://www.dreamcanvasmusic.org and now we also have this new address http://www.dreamcanvas.org just to make it a little shorter but the goal of giving you a great mix of music is still the same. As a non-profit online station we have been lucky enough to get great music sent to us from all over the world! So to all of you I would like to say thank you.     

After 30 odd years of both playing guitar and even more at Dj’ing I know what it like to be carrying cases around Bus’s and Train’s but for the love of music we would not be doing it!   We here at DreamCavas Radio and Media would really like to thank  you all for the work you all do!

Our main aim is join together all types of new music!

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